Author Topic: 6 month old pure breed cc female needs home... currently in New Jersey  (Read 9206 times)

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i do not have any real relation to this puppy but i saw her on while browsing the site. She is currently in a shelter and i saw you picture and my heart went out to her. i just got a 4 month old puppy, so there is nothing i can really do for her besides hopefully get her information out there so she can maybe find a home.
the information on the website is as follows:

"Hi, my name is Sasha and I am a sweet, shy 6-month old purebred cane corso mastiff. I have a gorgeous dark brindle coat is as soft as silk. My legs are extremely long and my feet are huge.My siblings and I were bred by an irresponsible owner and surrendered to rescue when we became too much for one person to care for. I was a very scared puppy, skinny and very stinky when I first got to my foster home. I was given a bath, a nice warm meal and a comfy bed and I knew things would get better.I am gaining the weight I need and at 6 months old, I weigh about 50 lbs. My foster family thinks I will hit at least 100 lbs. if not more when I am done growing. I am still very shy but am coming out of my shell with patience and love.I am crate trained and really enjoy the security and comfort of my crate. I have really gotten the hang of this housebreaking thing. I am living in foster care with other dogs and cats and am doing really well with all of them.They key to my heart is SOFT PLUSHED TOYS. I love them so much and gather as many as I can in my mouth at once and take them to my crate! I also love soft blankets, car seats, couches and laps!I currently have cherry eye in my right eye and that will be corrected when I am spayed next week. I am up to date on my shots and have been dewormed, and I was a very good girl at the vet if I do say so myself!I am looking for a loving, new family who wants an extra large, leggy puppy. My foster mom says big dog experience is a must!

If you would like to meet SASHA, or for more information, please click here to email her contacts or cut and paste this email address:"

here is the link to the web page i saw her on, and for all i know she my have already found a home and they just have no updated the website, but after getting my puppy i can say without a doubt this breed is amazing and a pretty lady like this should no go homeless.

if the link does not work you could find her on on the search just fill out the information asked as;
Animal: dog     Breed: cane corso    Age:baby   Size: extra large   Gender: female and type your zip code

her name is SASHA and right now, thankfully, she is the only one listed!

i hope this helps someone find the perfect dog and this puppy find her perfect home!

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He needs operation? Got Sherry eye...Hope he gets a new good home anyways