Author Topic: Final details in adopting a CC puppy  (Read 5528 times)

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Final details in adopting a CC puppy
« on: October 23, 2014, 02:03:30 PM »
Hello, I'm writing from Greece and I'm very close to my new puppy.
After a lot of reading I concluded that CC is the best breed for me looking for a powerful, guard-watch dog (my first priority), that can live and be happy in my small yard (about 20 square meters) and in my house (200 square meters).
I've already found a 2,5 months old fawn puppy, from a well known breeder and I'd like your help regarding the following.
1. What is the monthly total cost of that dog?
2. I have a cat. I know that CC are not cat friendly. Is it possible for this two to coexist (never alone) when my presence in home? But I don want to make my dog losse his instincts.

Thank you in advance... Happy to find this forum...