Author Topic: Male Corso in need of a home in MD, URGENT, this dog will be put down soon  (Read 5794 times)

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Male Corso in need of a home or foster. His foster owner found him on an exit ramp in Lisbon.. He had been living in the wood's for a few day's, Evelyn and her friend f went out and got him. It took them two hour's but they finally got him to jump in the car. Ever since he fell completely in love with Evelyn. He is probably about 10 month's to a year.He has been to a vet, had his rabies vaccine and a checkup. This boy has A LOT of defense drive, and it has not been channeled properly. He will need a very experienced home, a home very experienced with guardian breed's, preferably Corso, or other mastiff type breed's. He will need a single family home, or a house with a property. No condo's, or apartment's, and no busy household's, he won't do well with a lot of stranger's coming and going a lot. This boy will need lot's of socialization, TLC, training, and definitely a firm hand so he know's he is not the leader and that he doesn't have to "handle" thing's on his own, that he deem's as a threat.In the right home, this boy should make a great companion for someone, as long as the work is put in. He has been doing very well with Evelyn, however, she own's two other dog's. One is a male dog who this boy does not get a long with, so the situation is not safe. The female dog, he get's a long well with. So no male dog's in a home for him, but he could do well with a female dog. We will offer free training for whoever get's him if they are local. This is urgent!!! However, serious inquirer's only, this dog can only go to a specific type home!!!

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