Author Topic: NEED HOMES: Jeff & Alice, from Delta Blues Kennels, Located in California, USA  (Read 10114 times)

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Jeff & Alice's bloodlines are Bocci, Del Morgazi, Porta de Pinta, and Princepe. They came from Delta Blues Kennels in Via Margarita, Bari. These are strong working lines, very driven and hard. Alice and Jeff are true rustico Cane Corsos. If they had been socialized they would be "normal" corsos. They are both extremely submissive with people but seem to want to attack other dogs. I brought one of my dogs down to the garage, they were each in their kennels and they flipped out biting the cage, ect. They were in their environment though, so they were just being protective/territorial. I believe that if I separate them and take them out of their territory they may both be able to learn to like other dogs.
Alice is alpha, and very energetic. She likes to chase toys but only sometimes brings them back so its not quite fetch. She is good on a leash and knows sit and lay down. Alice loves love, likes her belly rubbed and is eager to please. I believe she can learn to like going places, as she is very outgoing.
Jeff is the opposite of Alice, It took me months to be able to pet him when he was not in his kennel. When we first received Alice and Jeff they would run up to our hands and then run away barking. I was not even able to pet them. Jeff is quirky about stuff, but is the sweetest most majestic dog. When he is in small spaces he lets most people pet him but when in the open he is still skittish with unknown people. Jeff is very shy. When he gets pets he likes to "box," he does the corso wave. He is a total doll but really requires patience because he gets very easily scared. Alice is also easily scared by loud noises, sudden movements or strange objects. Its sad, poor things, the first time I gave them a bone they were scared of it!
They are in good health, and have great appetites. I don't currently have their papers. It would be very nice for them to stay together, if possible, sine they have always been kennel mates, were shipped over together and really are the best of friends. It would be heart breaking for Jeff to be separated from Alice. Although they do ploy off of each other, Alice steals all the attention, and sometimes Jeff will use that to his advantage. They are not house broken.
They are amazing dogs, with tons of potential for the right experienced corso lover, who would really appreciate them, and understands this ancient breed. They are just waiting to be someones new best friend and number one pet. They have no experience with children or cats, so they need a home without. Also, of course a large well fenced yard, and kennels, as they were raised in them and like to sleep in them. One bad habit though, is that they they tear up their beds... so no stuffed beds for them.I have tried sheets but they shred those also. So they like to sleep in a crate or on stall mats.
Alice and Jeff are in need of a new home quickly due to their owner losing her house. They are currently with Serena in California. Please contact Serena directly for adoption inquiries at:

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