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Title: Dear members.......
Post by: canecorsonancy on December 22, 2009, 11:47:11 AM
As some of you have probably noticed, I have not been online much. And last Sunday many found out that I have some problems with my ex (Skinny) since he decided to post some nasty pics. He has been deleted and banned from this forum and webserver.

Last week the police have escorted me out of Holland to make sure I was safe till I crossed the border after my ex threw a brick through my car's window to prevent me from going to the Raduno in Italy. At this moment, there is no way for the police to guarantee my safety if I return to Holland, since some other member from this forum (canecorsoherman) is happy to inform my ex when he sees me back in town. Also Veleda/Asia has done a good job in making my ex go even more insane than he already was. Both Herman and Veleda knew that he is seriously dangerous, yet they decided to use this against me and by doing this, putting my life in danger. He is now threatening to kill my parents, because he thinks I lied about going to the show in Italy. He claims I was not there, while I said that is where I was going. For him a lie is worth a death penalty and as many know, I did not even lie. I was at the show. He has completely lost all sense of reality. I hope Veleda and Herman are happy with the results of their actions from the past year. I never want to use this forum for personal reasons. But I hope you all will understand that also Herman and Veleda will have a full IP block from my webserver.

That the dogworld is full of jealousy and not always the nicest world is nothing new. But these 3 people have seriously crossed a border that is beyond imagination. Over the past months I have neglected the forum and worse….. I have neglected some good friends. The last I really never wanted to do. But there is no way I can have mutual friends with these 3 people, since there is 1 thing more important to me than friendship. And that is my own life. If I lose friends because of this, so be it. I left my country, my family and my job. But I really prefer to have a life.
I am happy that I have some good friends who took action when needed and made sure my dogs and the few personal things that I have left, are now also safe with me.

I hope that people will start to realize that lies and gossip in the breeders’ world can have disastrous effects on people’s lives. Our lives are more than real live soap operas. Our lives are real and we don’t want to end them with premature funerals. I can only hope that Skinny will go quiet without hurting himself or me or anyone else. I refuse to go back to him to keep him quiet. I am not responsible for his actions now. I really hope he will soon find his peace and start a new life. I do hope everybody will take this serious and please, don’t give him (or Herman and Veleda) any addresses of people or breeders, since he is trying to blame all my friends and people that he only thinks are my friends, for his misery and threatened many times to hurt them and worse, if I do not return to him. I have cleaned up enough shit that he made in our lives. I am tired and can’t do it anymore.

Anyone still voting Skinny for president here is welcome to leave this forum and never come back.......

I still do not have the time to read all that is posted on the forum. Please, don’t be afraid to click “notify moderator” which is under every post on this forum, if you feel someone is neglecting forum rules. No one is a pain in the ass by clicking this link. No one is crying about feeling as if they are under attack. Anyone clicking that link is just notifying me that there is something that I have to read and/or take action against. Don’t let this forum go to waste for me not being online that much, but help me keep it clean. There has been too much bashing going on here already. Please just notify me when needed. You will be helping to keep the forum a good place to meet people and for breeders to look into each other’s kitchens without always having to travel the world. It will only do the breed good.
Title: Re: Dear members.......
Post by: Janet Gigante on December 22, 2009, 01:00:39 PM
All the best to you Nancy. Be safe and happy. We love you.

Everything will work out. The most important thing is that you are safe.

Stay strong we are here for you.
Title: Re: Dear members.......
Post by: RE MANFREDI on December 22, 2009, 02:10:50 PM
Nancy..i think you do h best choice in yor life!!( also about Herman and Veleda ;), you know the things bad they say about me >:() but in italy ( and i think also in rest of world ) we say.." God sees...and provides" ;)

ciao ciao Nancy....and no cure what ( stupid ) people will tell about you...
we know the truth.. :)
Title: Re: Dear members.......
Post by: Kat on December 22, 2009, 02:21:31 PM
I keep asking myself... do the people who are responsable for all this still have the guts to look theirselves in the eyes  ???
Because of our friendship they seem to project their blind rage at me too, so police in my hometown is informed about possible actions. I was shocked about everything that happened, and i still am, but most important thing is that you're safe now. I say my prayers for your parents, they deserve lot better than now being threatened.
Big kiss for you, and we talk soon  :-*
Title: Re: Dear members.......
Post by: Sarka on December 22, 2009, 05:15:51 PM
As I tell you in Italy, from now you must think only for the better future and dont think about the bad history! Good luck Nancy. :-*
Title: Re: Dear members.......
Post by: canecorsonancy on December 23, 2009, 06:21:00 PM
Thanks for all the support! My mailbox and pm's are overflowing. I am shocked about the simular stories I hear now from other people in the CC world...... Hiding after serious violence caused by jealousy and gossip :'( Together we will be strong!
In the end, it will all work out ok. And if it has not worked out ok, it was not the end ;)

Yes Sarka, you are so right! Think only ahead about the future and do not spend my time thinking about history. Time for a new life, but always with CC ;)

ciao ciao Nancy....and no cure what ( stupid ) people will tell about you...
we know the truth.. :)
Still people mail me that "they heard this and this" and believe ::) You know very well I do not care what people tell about me. We sure know the truth ;)