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Zena in AL
« on: June 23, 2009, 10:39:04 PM »
This is Zena.  She is almost 8 years old and her family dropped her off in a high kill shelter in Alabama.  Thank goodness, Zena grabbed the hearts of rescuers all over the country.  We had emails and phone calls from Illinois, New York, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, California, and Alabama about this girl!  Can you believe it…. Owned for 7.5 years by a family that just suddenly drops you off in a scary, loud place and then the only family you new suddenly disappears.  Poor Zena….. her tail stays so far tucked up under her bottom.  She is scared, confused, yet still a sweet lady!  Rescue was immediately in touch with the shelter and had a volunteer go down and evaluate Zena.  The shelter director said she would be “safe” and gave us a few days to work on her.  Rescue was in constant contact with the shelter over the next 3 days, until suddenly word reached Rescue that Zena had to be out on Monday (yesterday) or she was going to be destroyed that evening because “they hadn’t heard from Rescue”!!  Thank goodness we had a local volunteer that rushed up there, grabbed her, and put her in boarding.  Zena is safe, but now she is even more scared being in another unfamiliar place.  Not only that, but Rescue is going to have to pay the bill!  HELP!  Please help us with Zena if you can.  We need financial assistance AND, more importantly, we need a foster for Zena.  PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW THIS GIRL TO SPEND HER LAST YEARS BEING PASSED AROUND FROM BOARDING FACILITY TO BOARDING FACILITY.  Please help us get the word out about her.  She is a great gal and we can share all the details about her with you if you are interested.  She lived with children, but obviously we are exercising extreme caution until she is further evaluated.  She does not have experience with cats that we know of, so we will not place her in a home with a cat.  Can you help this beautiful, senior girl?  PLEASE!!  If you can donate to her care, you can send money via PayPal to  Thank you so much!
Liz Sawyers-Robles
Cane Corso Rescue, Inc
TX Cane Corso Rescue

Help us help her!  Thanks for looking!

Cane Corso Rescue, Inc. foster mom