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Arizona rescues
« on: April 29, 2009, 04:31:19 AM »
"Buddha" 4 yrs old, blue nuetered male, lives with 2 jrt (enough to gain sainthood right there) , 5 ausies, and a mastiff/dane mix. This is his foster home. He is also around horses and kids.
"Kane" I have had the pleasure of working with this big goof. He is 13 months, nuetered, and very much wanting boundaries, responds very well to training, obed, minimal correction , works for praise. Has been in 3 homes, is huge, about 31 inches, and 110 pounds of lanky puppy love. Has had no boundries, is not dominant, nice beta, with alot of energy.
Please contact me for more info on either of these two dogs.
We also have a great rottie, and a nice young neo available.