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« on: October 14, 2008, 09:59:32 AM »

My friend fiend new home for Azura, now i like to fiend a new home for my Alba.

Alba is 9 years old, and She is Veteran Champion, Veteran Club Winner, she lives now in my grandmother home, but my grandmom olso very old 84 years, and she begening to ill, :( but i have place in my home for Alba, but not alone. :(

Alba likes to stay alone, and all day lay on the sun, and sleep. :)

she is very healthy, no healthy, no hip problem.

i like to give her for somebody who can keep her ,  stay alone, she is very well with people, children, but does not likes cats :)

I think we must give for her the warmy silenc home to the last 5-6 years :)

The 3 grey puppies are Alba's last puppies, wich were born in last year.

i give her with a very hard heart but she lives alone in my grandmother house, and i like the best for her , cose here in my home the young generation always disturb her relax.

Thank you